Fly Fishing Jackson Hole

Important Tips for Fly Fishing in Jackson Hole

Fly fishing is definitely a summer experience that can’t be missed in Jackson Hole. It doesn’t matter if you have been fishing for a long time or have just started to learn the basics, since we will provide you with the best tips for fly fishing in Jackson Hole. There are plenty of lakes, streams and creeks in Jackson Hole that will offer you with outstanding fly fishing opportunities. Enjoy the majestic Western Wilderness and take part in fly fishing like never before in your life.

Here are a few of our favorite spots for fly fishing in Jackson Hole:

  • Flat Creek
  • Green River
  • Palisades Reservoir
  • Granite Creek
  • Hoback River
  • Pacific Creek
  • Gros Ventre River
  • Grey’s River
  • New Fork River
  • Leigh Lake
  • Jackson Lake
  • Snake River
  • Jenny Lake
  • Salt River

Grand Teton National Park

There are plenty of great spots for fishing in Jackson Hole, such as Jenny Lake, which has got some sensational scenery that can be found right at the bottom of the Grand Teton Mountains. You will be able to catch lake trout and cutthroat trout easily over here. You can also check out the Snake River, which runs throughout the park and has got brown trout and wild cutthroat trout, while another great place for fly fishing is the Jackson Lake Dam.

Yellowstone National Park Fishing

One of the best places for fly fishing in the United States is definitely at Yellowstone National Park. It has got magnificent views, abundant wildlife and a whole host of amazing fly fishing hotspots. There will be no shortage of great fishing spots and you shouldn’t have any trouble catching trout. You should bring all the gear with you and come prepared, since you will be catching a lot of fish. Remember to take care of the ground your walking on and be bear aware.

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