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Fly fishing trips in the Jackson Hole area are often some of the best memories of a lifetime. While catching beautiful fish is certainly the highlight, the unparalleled beauty of our region takers a close second. The fly fishing trips highlighted here are our most popular, along with our ice fishing trip on the Palisades Reservoir.

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Palisades Lake Fishing Boat Deposit

$250.00 / day

Total Cost: $500/Day/1-2 Anglers

3 Anglers: $600/Day/Guide

4 Anglers: $700/Day/Guide

Palisades Reservoir, on the South Fork of the Snake River is a 16,100 acre reservoir. It is located in some of the states most scenic country, near the Idaho- Wyoming border and a short drive from Jackson Hole.

The predominate game fish of Palisades is lake trout, brown trout, Snake River fine spotted cutthroat trout and kokanee salmon. This lake is an absolute treasure. The sights and scenery are amazing and the fishing is stellar. We offer custom fishing packages on Palisades Res. which can include lake trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout, and kokanee salmon.

Many anglers come out and fish for giant lake trout on day one and book a second day fishing for limits of kokanee salmon to take home to fill the freezer or smoker. Different from jigging or trolling for lake trout, trolling for kokanee is the perfect family guide trip! It's a great way to enjoy the scenery of Palisades Reservoir while having a great time fishing.

Whether your looking to catch the monster lake trout of a lifetime or are looking for the perfect guided fishing trip for the entire family this reservoir has it all!

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Green River Fishing Float Deposit

$250.00 / day

Total Cost: $500/Day/Guide

The upper Green River located about an hour south of Jackson Hole is somewhat of a technical river. Prior fly fishing experience is particularly helpful. The green can be a challenging experience for the first time fly fishing enthusiast if the goal is catching numbers of fish. Much of the land the Green flows through is private ranch land making it very difficult to accesses.

A drift boat allows us to access the better sections of the river and fish some amazing structure that wadding anglers rarely see. One of the best features of the Green is the number of fish caught during an outing.

The Green typically starts fishing well shortly after the spring runoff abates, this usually occurs in late June. Good fishing will continue throughout the summer, we continue to float the Green until the water level drops towards the end of August or September.

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Snake River Fishing Float Deposit

$250.00 / day

Total Cost: $495/Day/Guide

Half-Day: $375/Day/Guide

The Snake River is home to the Native Snake River Fine Spotted Cutthroat Trout, and is one of North America’s premier Cutthroat Trout habitats.

The Snake River is a large river; pairing this with limited shore access means that floating is the best way to fish this river. Fishing the seams, cut banks and riffles is made much easier while fishing out of a drift boat.

Early season fishing on the Snake from the end of March through April can be extraordinary. Runoff usually subsides at the end of June or early July on this river and the fishing really kicks into gear. August and September are the most consistent months to fish the Snake subsequently these two months fill up quickly.

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Salt River Fishing Float Deposit

$250.00 / day

Total Cost: $495/Day/Guide

Half-Day: $375/Day/Guide

For those people looking for a true western experience with fewer crowds this is the guide trip for you.The Salt River drops from about 6,600 feet in the Salt River Range south of Smoot Wyoming to 5,400 feet at Palisades Reservoir; the lower 30 miles wind through ranch and farm country of Star Valley.

The Salt holds a healthy population of cutthroat, rainbows and German browns. It is a fantastic fishery in the fall when the big browns migrate out of Palisades up the Salt in search of their spawning grounds. Because this river is on the smaller side, it has a more intimate feel.

Early Season Fishing

It’s an excellent river for the beginner spin or fly fisherman to hone their skills. The casting is easy and the cut throats are usually eager to take your offering. We can typically access the salt by mid May. Spring runoff occurs earlier and clears faster on this river than the other rivers in the area. Early season fishing at it’s finest.

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Salt River Photography Float Deposit

$250.00 / day

Total Cost: $400/Day/Guide

Sharing our adventures with photographers and artists, every trip is serendipitous. We never fail to find something new and never tire of the exceptional beauty found here in Star Valley. The Salt River is a small river that winds its way through Star Valley Wyoming crossing paths with farm and ranch land along the way and eventually empties into Palisades Reservoir.

This river flows through some of the most beautiful country in western Wyoming. Moose, Elk, Bald Eagles, Black Bear, White Tail deer, Mule Deer, Pelicans and the occasional wolf call this valley home. You never know what kind of wildlife will be lurking behind the next bend.

Follow the color as you float by golden Aspens, lush green farm land, snow- capped mountain peaks, and mountainsides as vibrant as an Indian blanket. All beneath the bright blue skies of Wyoming.

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Palisades Ice Fishing Deposit

$250.00 / day

Total Cost: $250/Day/Person

Our ice fishing trips, also known as hard water guide trips typically begin in February and offer one of the most exciting sports in outdoor winter recreation. The thrill of pulling a giant lake trout through a hole in the ice is an unforgettable experience.

We mainly fish for lake trout but cutthroats and browns can also be found. This is a trip any hard water enthusiast will appreciate. Whether you are an experienced angler or novice, our professional and personable guides will be at your side to assist you and share their expertise.

Your warm and fully equipped ice fishing shelter will serve as your home for the next 6-8 hours. We will provide hot beverages coffee, cider or cocoa.

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Fly Fishing Trips | Seasonal Information


Also known as the pre- run off period. This season begins at the end of winter and is continuation of cool, clear and low water conditions carried over from the previous year. Usually the Snake remains clear and fishable until mid- May. The pre- run off season has the potential for great fishing.

This season often finds us fishing streamers, midges, and baetis. Although inclement weather can be a factor, April is one of the best times for catching above average trout on the Snake.

In normal years the spring runoff begins to subside by late May or early June. The Salt tends to fish best from July into Autumn. June and July finds us primarily fishing the golden stone or caddis hatches, and when hit at the right time can offer some excellent fly fishing.


When the run off releases decrease, fishing can be amazing with large attractor patterns. Royal Wulffs, stimulators and terrestrials just to name a few of the dry fly options tend to provide ampule opportunities for cutthroat trout.

As the river flows stabilize and clear, proper presentation to feeding lanes and long dead drifts are crucial. Late August tends to find us bringing above average fish to the net yet again. If your fishing the Snake in late summer to early Fall, you’ll more than likely be using size 8 or larger dry flies.

The cutthroats in the Salt love going after large dry flies. Most of your day will probably consist of casting easily seen flies on the surface with a chance at one of the larger browns found in this river.


Fly fishing trips to Jackson Hole in the fall are a breathtaking experience! Cotton wood and Aspen trees glow a bright yellow and shades of red and orange blanket the mountainsides. As the water temperature has began to cool, the fish are hungrier and the fishing continues to improve. As the cutthoats begin to bulk up for the winter ahead of them we find ourselves utilizing nymphs and streamers more frequently.

Opportunities improve to land trophy browns in late fall. When hit at the right time fishing is phenomenal for the spawning run out of Palisades Reservoir. Both fly and spin fishing techniques work very well on the Salt and were happy to accommodate both types of anglers for these trophy brown trout guide trips.

Depending on your fishing style, we spend the majority of the day fishing big- ugly streamers and big nymphs or lures on spinning gear for these large fish.


If you happen to be in the Jackson Hole area during this time of year and are trying to cure the cabin fever blues give us a call. Due to the snow pack found in and around the Jackson area float fishing may not be an option, but Wade fishing certainly can be. Usually the best days to wade fish are during warm spells.

If you happen to be in the Jackson Hole or Star Valley area during the winter season give us a call. We’d be happy to take you on a guided wade fishing trip or let you experience one of our guided ice fishing trips on Palisades Reservoir.

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